lightweight cellular concrete on top of commercial building

LWIC Roof Decks

Lightweight Insulating Concrete (LWIC) Roof Decks are site-batched, poured-in-place roof insulation systems, using either LWIC cellular concrete or LWIC aggregates. LWIC systems offer designers and building owners fire and wind uplift ratings, reduced maintenance and replacement costs, strong and properly sloped roof membrane substrates, and cost-saving R-values, with a variety of approved and compatible roofing membranes.

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Cellular Concrete Pipeline Fill

When filling either an annular space or abandoning a pipeline, cellular concrete accomplishes what “flowable fills” and CLSM mix designs often fail to do. The air cell structure of the cellular concrete mix design helps keep the mix from separating and plugging the pipeline, optimizing flowability and leading to successfully filling pipelines. Cellular concrete mix designs are job-specific. They’re designed around required performance criteria such as strength, density, and flowability. These mix designs can consist of Portland cement, fly ash, sand, water, and cellular concrete foam.

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concrete underlayment being poured

Low-Density Cellular Concrete (Engineered Fill)

Low-Density Cellular Concrete (LDCC) offers countless geotechnical solutions due to its wide range of densities and compressive strengths. Comprised of portland cement, water, and pre-generated cellular concrete foam, mix designs are job-specific, designed to reduce loads over structures, or reduce (or sometimes eliminate) lateral loads on walls and foundations. LDCC is blended at the site with purpose-built equipment made specifically to mix and place only LDCC.

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